Characteristics and application of axial sealing ring

1. Features

The initial sealing force of the spring energy storage sealing ring (pan plug seal) is generated by the metal spring at low pressure and zero pressure. When the system pressure increases, the main sealing force is formed by the system pressure. Therefore, a good seal can be guaranteed from zero pressure to high pressure. In special occasions, the cavity at the spring can be filled with elastic glue to prevent dirt from entering the sealing body, and can be disinfected. It is often used in the food and pharmaceutical industries, and can also be used in mud, slurry or glue.

ü Can be used for reciprocating and rotating motion

ü Small friction coefficient

ü No creeping phenomenon during precise control

ü Good anti-wear performance and dimensional stability

ü Can adapt to rapid temperature changes

ü No pollution to food and liquid medicine

ü Can be sterilized

ü Unlimited storage period

2. Material

The PTFE mixture material has good chemical inertness and good temperature resistance. It uses PTFE as the matrix, filled with different materials and different filling percentages to achieve different physical and chemical properties and meet the requirements of different customers. What needs to be pointed out is that such materials cannot be in contact with strong alkaline materials (such as metallic sodium), fluorine and fluorinating agents. , If you need to know some materials for specific application environments, please consult with our company.

3. Examples of uses

*Chemical industry *Pharmaceutical industry *Food industry *Petroleum drilling

*Aerospace *Instruments and meters *Metallurgical machinery *Pump valve compressor