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Purchase & RMA Policy



1. Our company warrants under the following conditions that the products and services supplied shall conform to the contractual specifications, with the usual tolerances in the profession.

2. Any claim under warranty on conspicuous defects shall, or otherwise it will be foreclosed, be notified by the client in written to our company before any use/transformation of the products and in any case within 15 days of the delivery.

3. Any claim under this warranty shall, or otherwise it will be foreclosed, be notified by the client in written to our company within 15 days of the disclosing of the non-conformity or the defect.

4. If the client proves such non-conformity or defect, then our company shall, at its option, (i) replace the products or supply again the services which are not conformed, at its expenses or (ii) reimburse the client the prorate portion of the defective products or services. This shall constitute the full and sole remedy of the client under this warranty.

5. The following defects notably are excluded from this warranty:
(a) Defect resulting from the non compliance with our company’s specifications, instructions and normal usage

(b) Defect due to the modification of the products by the client or by any third party without our company written prior agreement

(c) Defect not existing at the time when the product was delivered

(d) Defect of a product being neither manufactured by our company for sale nor for any form of distribution

(e) Defect not reasonably known based on state of scientific and technical knowledge at delivery.

6. Our company, manufacturer of a component, is not liable if the defect is attributable to the conception of the final product in which the component is incorporated or the instructions of the manufacturer of such product.

7. Our company shall under no circumstances be liable to the client, for any consequential, incidental, indirect and/or immaterial losses, liabilities, costs and damages and other financial loss or loss of use.

8. The cumulative liability of our company for any civil year under the products and/or the services shall be limited to an aggregate maximum amount of 5% of the total payments made by the client during the six months preceding the date of the claim; if such claim or demand is linked to certain products or services, the reference shall be six months purchase of the concerned products or services.

9. The client shall be responsible towards our company and shall indemnify the latter for all consequences resulting from any requests of third parties relating to the products and/or services when the same have been supplied in conformity with the technical specifications of these products and/or services.

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