Common Materials
• ABS 
•Acrylic sheet 
•Expanded PVC 
•Foam tape 
•thermoplastic sheet 
•PC sheet 
•Phenolic laminates
Materials Strength
•Reduce weight, noise, and vibration 
•Durable and wear resistant 
•Bearing grades often eliminate the need forexternallubrication
•UVresistance (UV grades) 
•Grades available with good flame,smoke, and toxicitycharacteristics 
•Adhesives replace weldsandrivets 
•Visually appealing - transparent, colors,textures 
•Many plastics can be printedandpainted
Typical Application
•Adhesives and sealants 
•Assembly tapes 
•Boom pads 
•Door panels 
•Electrical insulators 
•Floor panels 
•Wall panels 
•Wear pads 
•Wear strips 
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