Common Materials
• Acetal 
•Anti-static, static dissipative, and conductive plastics 
•Flametec® Clean Room PVC-C 
•Fluropolymer tubing 
•FR polypropylene 
•Polyester films 
•Polyimide tape 
•Phenolic cotton cloth
•FR4/ G10
Materials Strength
•Static dissipative grades 
•Chemical resistance 
•Low particle generation in bearing and wear applications 
•Low outgassing characteristics 
•Low levels of extractables when placed in high purity chemicals
•High temperature capabilities 
•Electrical insulating properties
•Dimensional stability
Typical Application
•Bearings and bushings 
•Chemical tanks 
•Electrical insulators 
•Flexible tubing 
•Guards and shields 
•Polishing rings 
•Spin chucks 
•Static control applications 
•Test sockets 
•Valve components 
•Wafer handling parts 
•Wet benches and work stations
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