Common Materials
•Polyimide shapes 
•Polycarbonate / PC
•Polypropylene / PP
•Polysulfone / PSU
•Polyamide-imide / PAI 
•Ultem / PEI
Materials Strength
•Can operate in high and low temperatures
•Can perform in vacuum or high pressure environments
•Excellent electrical insulating properties.
•Highly pure to minimize the likelihood of sample contamination
•Excellent wear resistance.
•Resist degradation(from Radiation,Steam,Chemicals)
Typical Application
•Bearings and bushings
•Centrifuge parts 
•Electrical Insulators
•Electrophoresis machinery components
•Flexible Tubing 
•Gas chromatograph components
•Guards and shields
•HPLC machinery components HPLC
•Mass spectrometer components
•Pump components
•Sterilizable parts 
•Valve components
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