Common Materials
• Nylon
Materials Strength
•Non-corrosion, wear resistance, self-lubrication
•Low coefficient of friction and high heat resitance
•Non-toxic, non-abrasive.
•No product contamination.
•Fatigue resistance.
•Dimensional stability.
•Noise reduction
•Decrease downtime
•Less costly to change design
Typical Application
•Ball valve seals and seats 
•Chemical spray wash-down nozzle
•Conveyor bearing components 
•Conveyor supports, trays, and fixtures 
•Piston and pump assembles 
•Valves body manifold 
•Sprockets, gears, power transmission components
•Conveyor chain tensioner 
•UHMW wear strip UHMW 
• food and beverage production line / sub-bottle production line
• twist screw, screw conveyor , screw into the bottle
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