Material Introduction
Rexolite is a unique crosslinked polystyrene microwave plastic.The most striking property of this material is its stable electrical properties into the only cross-linked polystyrene, microwave plastic, in the frequency range of gigahertz..It is also optically clear, has a slight yellow casting (same as acrylic) when polished, is dimensionally stable, and has excellent sound transmission.
It is a thermoset crosslinked styrene copolymer. The combination of good physical and excellent electrical properties, including low loss and stable dielectric constant, makes this material suitable for use in microwave lenses and precision components.

Turcite® Rexolite 1422 Standard Sizes, Colors, Grades, Brands, Types
♦Excellent dielectric properties
1.The dielectric constant is 2.53 (to 500 GHz) and has a very low dissipation factor.
2.Suitable for microwave lenses, microwave circuits, antennas, coaxial cable connectors, sound sensors, TV satellite antennas and sonar lenses.
3.Other uses include non-destructive material testing equipment, surveillance equipment, radar windows, radomes and missile system enclosures. An interesting application is the radar lens, which is used to draw the Earth‘s surface from a fast flying airplane.
♦High voltage insulator
Capable of withstanding high voltage Capacitors and other components are important when the production gap starts. It turns out. Rexolite is superior to acrylic, epoxy, polyurethane and other plastics and has resistance to resinous resistance (failure due to electron bombardment).
♦Radiation resistant
With a wide range of exposures up to 1000 M rads, there is almost no change in dielectric loss and excellent resistance to mechanical degradation of ionizing radiation.
♦Rigidity and dimensional stability
At temperatures between 20°C and 200 ° C, Rexolite does not exhibit permanent deformation or plastic action at loads from 10 psi to 2000 psi. In addition, all castings are stress-free and do not require any stress relief before, during or after processing.

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